Children of the Corn: Genesis


Children of the Corn:Genesis is the latest of the Children of the Corn series. It is about a young couple named Tim and Allie, who is pregnant, getting stranded after their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. They stumble upon a rundown city and knock on the door of Preacher Drago. At first, Preacher Drago denies the lost couple, but reluctantly allows them to stay once he finds out Allie is pregnant. He states “It wouldn’t be Christian of me if I didn’t”. Once in the house the couple calls for a tow truck, but since it is Sunday the company is closed and their other option was to wait till 2 A.M.

Do you notice the religious stand point in the movie so far? Preacher Drago stating “it wouldn’t be Christian” and also that the tow truck place is closed on Sunday.

As night begins to fall, Allie starts to hear screams from a shed. Tim and Allie soon find out that the little boy in the shed is the son of Preacher Drago and his mail order wife’s that is locked up because he carries a certain evil to him. The Preacher tells the couple that “It” is forcing them to  stay in the house by an evil entity because it wants Allie’s unborn child. The couple finds out the only way to leave the house was when “It” was asleep. As the night comes to an end and the morning begins a postal man comes to drop off a package at the house. The couple drives away in an empty police car to go home, but then soon get into a car accident where Tim dies and Allie lives. The postal man then brings Allie back to the Preachers house telling her that “[Tim] was with Jesus now”. When Allie returns to the house she is greeted by a group of children, she goes to the shed where the little boy was at and then falls to sleep.

Why do you think they titled the movie “Genesis”?

When I think of the word Genesis, I think of The Beginning. I think that the movie was called Children of the Corn Genesis because it was The Beginning for Allie’s unborn baby. I believe the entity found a new host in her baby, hence The Beginning for the entities new host.

How does this relate to the class?

I think having an understand of what religion is benefits me when I watched this movie because personally did not believe that the Preacher was a “Christian”. To me, he came off as a servant to “It”. I also think that because he was helping him search for a new host, his duties came off as more of a cult. I know the movie is trying to come from a religious standpoint when the title of it has the name Genesis in it, the tow truck company closed on Sunday, and even Preacher Drago stating being Christian. The Preacher did not have faith in his feelings nor did he have faith in an object or being. He worked to help “It” and that was all.

2 responses to “Children of the Corn: Genesis”

  1. arielloera says :

    This movie sounds extremely interesting and I can see how there is a lot of religious cues throughout it. I have to agree with you when you say that the Preacher merely seemed like a servant. From the description you gave it does seem like he does not really have any faith and only does what he is told to do by “It”. I would love to watch this movie sometime in order to get a better feel of all the religious symbols and cues. The definition of genesis is origin or mode of the formation of something; so I most definitely agree that it must have something to do with the birth of Allie’s baby.

  2. tracylhawkins says :

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